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New to English

Picture Table Mat

Free downloadable picture mat for EAL children in school

Great to help children communicate their basic needs when first arriving in your classroom.

We've drafted these up to save you doing it.

Print it. Laminate it and pop it on the desk...

Emotions Cards

Our pastoral team and teachers found these emotions cards really useful for children who have recently arrived at school and in the very early stages of acquiring English.

They helped give the children an easy way of communicating their emotions. We wanted to put them in one place where you are free to download them and use, we hope they help!

I personally found it much easier to engage new arrivals by having these handy in the classroom

       Latvian     Lithuanian     Polish     Russian       

Latvian Emotion Cards

Latvian Emotions Cards

Latvian Emotion Cards Page1.jpg
Latvian Emotion Cards page 2.jpg

Science Visuals

Chicks - Science Visual - Free downloadable pdf

Click the image to download the science visual, 'Chicken Life Cycle' as a printable pdf.

Lithuanian Emotions Cards

Lithuanian Emotions Cards

Lithuanian Emotion Cards page 1 of 2.png
Lithuanian Emotion Cards page 2 of 2.png
Polish Emotion Cards

Polish Emotions Cards

Polish emotion cards page 1 of 2.png
Polish emotion cards page 2 of 2.png
Russian Emotion Cards

Russian Emotions Cards

Russian Emotion Cards Page 1.jpg
Russian Emotion Cards Page2.jpg
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